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Classes, a deck, and More

Classes, decks, books, dice, coaching, art, oh my... What? Yes. Sessions and readings, too.

All the things I have been doing with you and for you for decades, I have been busily building into these online options, and if we have worked together, you know I am putting everything into each of these things. Wanna choose something for yourself or someone you know will benefit from a little something different?

Recently, I have launched a couple of online classes, with more to come, like Still as a Hummingbird, and a complete deck system called 5 Bodies of Wholeness™.

These are all ways to be more connected with your self, your loved ones, your stillness and inner trust, nature and inner truth. We all have different needs, we have different amounts of time available to us. This is my way, like always, of being the best support I can, in my training, my skills, my offers, responding to the experiences I have with all of you, and paying attention.

Check out what I'm offering on my other site in my changed name, Birdi Sinclair, at Begin Peace. I have had this new name for several years now and I am so happy. Deb Miller is also a great name, but it never quite felt like home. Sometimes you simply know you need a change, and if you stop and stay in the stillness, you will trust the change with curiosity and try something new.

I invite you to do the same. I am with you. Deb Miller / Birdi Sinclair


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Decks and Books

Sessions, Plans, Gift Certificates, all available there. It's me and more, for you.

5 Bodies of Wholeness Deck Birdi Sinclair Begin Peace

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