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Spreading the News

Want to know about my other projects?

Let's start with the big ones - a few years ago,

I changed my full name

first, middle, last. 

What does this mean for you?

New places to find me, if you choose to, for same and expanded services! 

Same me you've always known, and more...

Birdi Sinclair-Begin Peace.png

Let me reintroduce myself. Hi! I'm Birdi Sinclair.

I'm still me, still offering the same services and care, here as always, AND MORE
through another space:
I hope you check it out. 


AND - I'm even trying out social media - Wuut?

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  • Pigeon_BirdiSinclair

Why change my entire name?

We all have to step into our lived story, and know our own passions with our experiences. My name is part of that, and part of honoring my family, my present, and my future. Want to know more? Just ask. It's a beautiful part of my I AM.

What is your truth that calls for action? Your understanding of the world and sense of belonging?

I have heard from many of you that you have also changed your name or wished to change your name. Thank you for sharing this with me! We are all having so many shared inner exerpiences, but maybe don't even know it.

Please join me in making the change from Deb Miller to Birdi Sinclair as I expand on my offerings in my updated spaces. This space will remain as it is. If we have worked together, please consider supporting the growth of the new space by leaving a Google Review so others may understand I am an experienced person who will care for them.

I am excited to share my services as you've known them, and my newer classes and offerings as you've asked for over the years in these new spaces. Thank you for your continuing relationships, here and there.


Ama la vita d'altro, (love the life of another)

Dr. Birdi Sinclair 💖✌🏼🕊

Begin Peace - Birdi Sinclair
Sunrise over the Wheat Field

If I love myself, I love you.

If I love you, I love myself.

~ Rumi     Same services as here, plus. Classes, courses, groups, all sorts of things. There are readings, and also the supportive care around grief, life's changes, healing, trauma recovery, Liberating into JOY and Self-trust, and more.

I even have original art with some commissions.

These are things I've been teaching in workshops, presentations, panels and other places for decades, now being grown carefully and caringly for online access.  

No artistic or writing experience necessary. This is not an art technique place. Art, writing, book-binding for discovery and healing, vow writing, ceremony and ritual design legacy projects, and more. These are exactly whqt you've been asking for from me for a long time. Let's do it..

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Is this site closing?

No. I am still available here. Many people have worked with me here for decades and this is how they find me.
I will swap my names over little by little some time, but Deb Miller will always be here.
I'm still me.

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