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Want to know about my other projects?

Let's start with the big ones - a few years ago,

I changed my full name

first, middle, last. 

What does this mean for you?

New places to find me, for same and expanded services! 

Same me you've always known, and more...


Let me reintroduce myself. Hi! I'm Birdi Sinclair.

Deb Miller is now Birdi Sinclair, still offering the same services and care, AND MORE through another space:

Why change my entire name?

The name I was given as a child was to protect me during a time and place, within a world gone crazy with hate, controls, and otherness, by my family who had made many changes, experienced losses, made choices and sacrifices, and thought this name was a good place to start for me in their vision of a better world. It is a sturdy, simple name, and it does a good job for me. At a cost. Exchanging some fears for others, losses of dignity for others, deprivations for others, old hopes and joys for new ones, they would say they had all in all gained better lives for all of us, even yet to be. I am grateful for the risks they took in their decisions.

And yet, many of the hopes they pinned to my sturdy name have not materialized. Many of the protections given to me by my name and the relinquishing of theirs, did not improve our world deeply or quickly enough, because otherness is so deeply entrenched in our culture.

They gave this hope, promise to me, in love. In love, I am giving a promise back to them:

To continue restoring liberation for others through my actions, even in those yet to be.

Part of this promise is restoring our family names.

This begins the bones of the story. 

We all have to step into our lived story, and know our own passions with our experiences. My name is part of that, and part of honoring my family, my present, and my future.

My I AM.

What is your truth that calls for action, that moves you in powerful and compassionate ways to connect with your divine spark? Your understanding of the world and sense of belonging? There is no other.

We are meant to be curious about and connected with each other

in our sameness and our differences.

Please join me in making the change from Deb Miller to Birdi Sinclair as I expand on my offerings in my updated spaces. This space will remain as it is. If we have worked together, please consider supporting the growth of the new space by leaving a Google Review so others may understand I am an experienced person who will care for them.

I am excited to share my services as you've known them, and my newer classes and offerings as you've asked for over the years in these new spaces. Thank you for your continuing relationships, here and there.


Ama la vita d'altro, (love the life of another)

Dr. Birdi Sinclair 💖✌🏼🕊

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Sunrise over the Wheat Field

If I love myself, I love you.

If I love you, I love myself.

~ Rumi   Is our place for readings, sessions, like here, and also for services as a spiritual director, an end of life doula, artist, and celebrant/ritual designer. Within Moments is for growth, healing, processing, navigating the moments we find ourselves within, and exploring how we connect to our wholeness in these moments and the moments coming.

This is the space we have really always met and a place for our inner relationships, our private walks together. My more personalized service to you as individuals, couples, groups, families in grief, loss, change, growth.  

All of my social media is very, very, very new. Please sign up, follow, like, subscribe, whatever the words are, and let's make a community there. I'll get the hang of it, and you'll get some clumsy and good updates, maybe even a recipe once in a while. 

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  • YouTube      When we gather here, we are actively exploring and experiencing a new approach and a deeper process through our creative voice. Classes both live and pre-created so you can delve in at your own pace are here. Groups and discussions also on a variety of topics for wholeness, healing, grief and loss, spiritual development, and more are being developed in a community and interactive manner. Similar topics to Within Moments, but interactive and discovery.


These are things I've been teaching in workshops, presentations, panels and other places for decades, now being grown carefully and caringly for online access.  

No artistic or writing experience necessary. This is not an art technique place. Art, writing, book-binding for discovery and healing, vow writing, ceremony and ritual design legacy projects, and more. I believe these are exactly whqt you've been asking for from me for a long time. Let's do it.

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Is this site closing?

No. I am still available here. Many people have worked with me as this name for decades and this is how they find me.
I will swap my names over little by little soon, but Deb Miller will always be here.
I'm still me.