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Some of the questions I frequently am asked about Terms, Ideas, Experiences. Explanations of Services and Sessions are found on Services page.

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    Ask questions. It's more than a flash feeling from smiles, charisma, or products that promise something, it's more like dating. There are a lot of reasons for doing this type of work, lots of ways to develop any kind of profession or skill. This is one of those fields that can be very abstract. Bad or irresponsible information can stick like a bad kiss, once it gets in, it doesn't leave you. Anyone who claims to be an "expert" or have a higher vibration, to know more than you in some way should be questioned. Please remember those beautiful and radical souls for their times - like Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha and others - who taught things like being connected with Nature, Kindness and Intelligence and of course each other as being keys to great things, many of the things we all seek dearly. Trust yourself when seeking guidance. You are a beautiful expert, even when you're feeling vulnerable and unsure. You are also spirit. Together we are here in this place. Be still enough for a minute to listen or feel what and who you need for support, food, environment, time, companionship, health, or changes. All the things we spend so much time spinning about. You will also know who might best guide you, or not. A good reader is a guide with accountable, usable information, not relying on abstact bits of information that you are left to fit into your life. Expect a reading to be caring and clear from start to finish. Life takes courage, and rest, and action, and more. A little goes a long way.
  • Are phone or online video sessions real? as Good as in Person?
    If the reader is "real" then, yes, they are real. The contact information and interactions you have with them prior to scheduling should ease your mind about authenticity and professionalism. Are they as good as in person? If there is a connection with the reader's personality and services, then yes, it should be as good as as in person, maybe even better. I have had excellent services, mediocre or average services or lousy services in person and online. It has more to do with are we a good fit overall. The work we are doing together is the stuff of air, thoughts, skills, connection, spirit, mojo, vibration, being in synch, any or all of these terms. It doesn't matter where we are in the world, what means we use to connect. What matters is authenticity, connection, intention, skills, care. This is a different type of relationship. We are engaged in a service, an experience together. We meet for some limited, very intimate, vulnerable and hopeful time. It is important you feel it is a trustworthy match. It is one that your practitioner should know well, what their abilities and limitations are, what environments and offerings will best suit their skills and their clients needs best. We are leaning in together, you having a sense of your true needs in a meeting like this, and the practitioner have a sense of how their skills can meet you in that place. The logistics of where and through what means, are really quite irrelevant. I do not need to be with your dog to read your dog. I do not need to be in your grandparent's house to tell you about it, or in your closet to tell you what's in there, or at your workplace to describe your co-workers and relationships, or in your body to describe and guide your health needs and new medications. I do not need to be in the place of those who have passed in order to channel them for you. In the same way, we do not need to be in the same room. My adult children both live on the other side of the country, and while I miss them, we rely on technology, and I feel very connected with them. I laugh about when my daughter went away to college, I talked with more intimately and saw her more through the phone and video than I did when she lived here during the last 2 years of high school! People often are more relaxed in their own environments. There is a lot to be said for not rushing, commuting, settling in in a strange space. When people come with others, there is a waiting area, less comfortable seating. In your own environment, people can mingle, take breaks easier, have what they need readily. It's more soothing. For the reader or practitioner, there are less distractions, we can hone in on the un-seen, and get to the heart of things, while still being personable, warm, in tune with you. The phone or video distance seems to disappear as we get into our zone together. The tech is easy to guide you with if the practitioner is familiar with what they are offering. The end of the session provides an easy time to reflect, take notes, go for a walk before moving on to next things without having to be concerned with anything else. If it's a group experience, there is not awkwardness with the reader packing up and leaving, simply resume your time with your group. Please lean in. If you are hesitant, have a belief about it, trust what brought you to me to begin with. I am ready for you, shake up your beliefs and take a leap in with me. If it really doesn't work out, we'll know. You'll know, and it probably wouldn't be because it was online. Check a person's reviews. I know many of mine are from online sessions, even if they don't specify it. You have nothing to lose. While I don't guarantee specific results, if we are really not getting anywhere meaningful, of course we'll stop. I am here for you. The entire experience is a trust fall, for all of us. The proof is in the experience itself. In kindness, Deb more questions? want to schedule? email me. That's always the fastest way to reach me.
  • Why do you do this work?
    We all have courage, love, compassion and curiosity, but we also carry fear, confusion, isolation and chaos. These are what can equally bind and divide us. In the times where we wish we could sit at the table with our loved ones and have their wisdom, their deep knowing perspective or resolve undone things, we may need a well-trained tour guide or a facilitator who can connect us with Spirit sources and even teach us to trust & learn our own ways of connecting. Our deeper focus, our unique paths of growth, stability or healing, and our own truth that we are not alone can make the difference of feeling peaceful in a direction, or release a lasting soothing deep inside that no one can create for you, only guide you to authentically. I hope to bring this to you, clearly and with content and information that makes sense to you. Collectively we are stronger and more. Compassionately we can create a more dynamic, maybe even kinder place together. ​I really believe this.
  • How can I develop my self? Developing your own Intuition, Psychic Skills, Mediumship, etc?"
    101: Throw away all the Be Psychic Now type things. avoid the internet in these how-to-because- I- was - divinely -told- topics - it only feeds a million egos or even a million wallets... this is a multi billion dollar industry.. go outside. Invest yourself in Nature and Natural things. Learn Mindfulness. Become very present with your own understanding of who you are, what your fears and strengths are. Why you want to become more awake, and what is or isn't your business to get involved with. Just because you can, does it mean you should? Does it mean everyone wants or needs to know? HAHAH, it's a big responsiblitiy. Take your time. Be gentle with yourself and others. Know what's yours and what isn't. It's precious, and a privilege to witness the MORE. But it's also wonderful to just notice more everyday things, like the caterpillar crossing the driveway that you may not have seen before. Begin noticing all your senses. Take it all in. But as an observer. Your emotions are your own. Being kind is not the same thing as owning everything you experience. What I'm saying may seem like a lack of direction, but it really is the foundation. Be Still, Connect with Nature, Open your Senses, Become Aware of your Senses. Trust Yourself, Mind Your Own Business, Be Kind. Take Your Time. You may be really surprised how these things are very helpful keys to the kingdom we are all a part of. You'll find yourself without the mumbo jumbo, and this is free. Contact me for more information or for advanced guidance and classes.
  • Is Everyone Psychic?
    I believe that we are all spiritual beings as much as we are all intellectual, physical, emotional, etc. beings. This, then, is a language we all have access to in varying degrees. I love to cycle, but I'm not riding in the Tour de France any time soon. I can however become a much, much stronger and able cyclist than I am now. It is important to be grounded, balanced, healthy oriented no matter what our endeavors and challenges of self are. I see some people get very superstitious and freaky deaky when they begin delving into metaphysical or paranormal things. It can be a most beautiful aspect of "right relationship". Why go bonkers about it? I hope that's received in the sweetness it was meant.
  • When did you know? How long have you been this way? Etc?
    I've been this way as long as I know. I can tell you stories going back to being tiny. My family is this way. Most people I've talked with have that person or people in their family that they have some language for... That's just Alice, she always knows, or Granpa always had a way of ... and so on. Someone might be known for their dreams or a particular skill with something, they have a knack... haha. It was common conversation actually, in my home when I was young. Even in some of the homes in my neighborhood. It wasn't until I went to school that I learned quickly that other homes were not this way, My dad didn't get it either. He would get pretty bothered by it. We had some pretty intense interactions actually when I was very, very young. That's the way it goes sometimes. Kids know what they know. We all adapt to our culture, neighborhoods, environments and land where we will on whatever it is, don't you think? Balancing survial with drive - Political or religious beliefs, LGBT understandings, other needs, identifiers, and abilities and skills...Who would we all be if we could find nurturing ways?
  • What are the qualities of a good reading? and a good Reader?
    A Reader: Expect clear, accountable, usable information from start to finish, free from judegement and "shoulds" or filler information that ultimately does not help your current life. Your support system that guides a reading - whether the Reader is a Psychic Medium, a Tarot Card Reader, an Astrologer or using any other tool, ulitmately they are guided by a source. If they are professional and developing themselves like any other career person, they are contiunually learning their field as well as supporting elements to their practice, knowing their client base's needs. If someone is working mainly with animals for example, perhaps they may take animal nutrition courses or behavior trainings or learn more about anatomy of the animals they work with. It's just good sense. This would be another hallmark of a dedicated reader. A Reading: A good reading is led by a source vaster than the reader. That source knows you and your situation intimately...more intimately than the stranger that is the reader and anything they can suppose from your demographics or what you may share with them. The content of the reading should be kind and caring, useful and easy to understand. What would be the point of you leaving with a riddle or more of a burden than you came with? If this is ever the case, it is the human-ness of the reader or the miscommunication between the people getting and giving the reading. If the source supplying the reading is truly helpfull, they would never provide something difficult or bizarre or vague.
  • How soon is too soon for a medium session after someone passes? Does someone always come through?
    There's no such thing as too soon. It's very different for every situation. It has more to do with grief, and how ready or healthy will it be for you to meet with them. It's more about Love. Is it a loving and helfpul time? I have never had a time where someone didn't come through. If for some reason a person someone was hoping for did not come through, someone else does and it is very, very clear why their other person did not. People are not "stuck" ,"trapped", " suffering" in some way as some may be worried about. This is not my experience, regardless of how a person may have passed and it becomes very clear during our time together. Love is love, and those that care for you work together for the best and most healthy, useful outcome for the timing of our meeting.
  • Animals, Really?"
    Yup. Can be from a long time ago, or current - living or passed. It can be very surprising the things they talk about. Their insights are so intimate and useful. It can be about them, their physical, social or emotional needs or about you and yours. It's their perspective.
  • Is there another option to in person Hypnosis during the pandemic? is a site recognized by many of my colleagues. I have not used their services or interacted with them myself, but you can explore it and see what you think. It did come highly recommended by colleagues I personally know and respect and I think some of their offerings are reasonably priced and packaged. Send me an email if you use them, to let me know your experience first hand. I would love that.

Is Everyone Psychic?

Yes, Trust Yourself
We all have antennae, instinct, a "knowing"
Psychic is just a word. Be a part of yourself and the world.

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