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Gift Cards for intuitive readings are such a simple way to gift a thoughtful and unique experience to someone you care for. Perhaps they are curious, or maybe they are going through a life change. They may have experienced a loss and would benefit from some care that only some spiritual guidance can provide. If they have an animal companion, and would like to experience a "pet psychic" for a sweet one who is living or passed.

Whatever we do together, our time will be specific to their needs, full of details, useful content, and relevant.

We will have gentle and direct moments, caring, without filler or fluff.

Once they receive your gift, they can schedule with me directly at their convenience, and use it in a way that is most helpful to them. What we may feel someone needs, and how they may wish to focus their time might be a little different. Fortunately, I have a variety of skills, training, and abilities to be flexible to meet their needs.

If you (or they) have any questions, of course, please ask me.

If you would like to purchase a gift certificate, we simply arrange it all through email, and you will receive a pdf to print or email, or I can email it directly to your person.

Contact me:

I look forward to caring for your special person.



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