First things first -  I am no magician. 
 The skills of communicating with spirit and energy that I have developed through my life  are part of you as well - really! It may look a  little different for each of us, but these gifts  are part of everyone’s animal and spiritual nature.

Is it God given, right-brained, or instinct? That’s age-old discussion stuff...


Now that we have that on the table...
I grew up with generations of Italian, Catholic family who held those beliefs to be true and so conversations about auras, spirit visits, animal communication, interrelationships with nature, dreams, respect, politics, poker, ethics, responsibility to this life and beyond, forward and back and much more were as natural in my childhood as swing sets and learning how to make my Grandmother’s chicken cacciatore (with green olives).
For this I am thankful and I feel them in oh my gosh so much that I am and do.... and Yes, I've always been "this" way. I figured out other people weren't when I started school. OOPS.  

They were all different in what their strengths and struggles were, how they expressed themselves. 

 I guess just like we all do our hair differently and talk with our hands. Or some of us are quiet or loud, some make cookies and others make roasts, and so on. Some dreamed things, felt things, knew things, were medically oriented or nature oriented, and so on. Each taught  me the beauty of knowing yourself, staying flexible or firm, and working together, and the consequences of not. 

My Grandmother is in this picture. Can you guess who she is?

Over time, through my work and just life, it became more apparent that too many of us are walking around feeling disconnected, misunderstood, afraid and alone, or having very few safe places to go to create a community to explore their own experiences or find answers and relief or just direction - and I knew it was time to shift gears so I could share directly that there is so much more for us each to embrace than meets the eye. Many of us know this instinctually, and yet it can seem counter-culture or attached to strange things to allow us to be joyful about it. It is a very joyful thing.

So we might hide life ideas or experiences away like a shameful thing or spiritual interests as a secret hobby or be fearful of some experience, or even to be the butt of a joke or rejected if we share too much of ourselves, or wary that we'll be taken in by some tricks. I look for truth and evidence, science as much or more than the next person, I look for common spaces between us...and yet...

I believe it's simpler than all of that. We have inner knowings of what is or isn't that surpasses all of this.

Our spiritual and intellectual instincts are as important as the food we eat and air we breath. All things in consideration, because these aspects of ourselves make a whole self.

I do believe we are more alike than different, although it may seem we are separated by our beliefs, ages, lifestyles or cultures. We can consciously invest in believing this and exercising this. We can also trust our facets of instinct and guidance and exercise what it is to be present with that aspect of ourselves. Take the woo woo out of it.

Be Whole. Be Connected. 


I AM The Wonder Dog, Deb Miller Psychic Medium

I offer myself to you with rich and varied experience and with a connected heart to help you realize your own paths, make your own connections, and increase your own sense of self. In Kindness~ Deb

Painted Heart