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Come to the Table



Both are equally effective and useful. What works for your schedule where you will be free from distractions and interruptions? Where can you focus without stress? With the phone, just like with a good friend, the phone disappears pretty quickly and we get to what needs getting to. On video or in the office, you see my goofy face. Some people say they see things happening or changing around me. That's neat I suppose. But people who have worked with me both ways have told me both are just as warm and useful to them. I feel the same. Schedules are demanding. Keep it simple. This is for you.

At this time, I am meeting by phone or online/video primarily. I have met with people, individuals and groups, this way for over 30 years. Please notice my reviews. Many of them were online sessions. It is an effective, beautiful option. I would only offer my best to you. If you are unsure about it, please email or call with your questions. Trust what led you to me, and if you feel we are a good fit, please don't let this be an obstacle.

I am with you, as personally as ever. 


Contact me directly to discuss your ideas. 

I have a wonderful conference room to accommodate groups and classes, but I also will come to you. Web, online, basic tech is the way to go these days and it's very easy once we discuss the details. We can often personalize what I provide to match the needs of your group, event, class, discussion, media, or presentation needs. I am very experienced in online groups and presentations


Simply call or email me any customization like a name or special message, and I will email a printable, attractive pdf or snail mail a certificate to you. We can manage payment via Square, PayPal, or another agreed method.  Tah Dah!

Your person can schedule a phone or in-person session at their convenience. OR you can go to my sister site and purchase one directly that gets sent to you or to your person with a custom message: e-gift card


Phone, online, internet services really do allow for creative options everywhere. I find these options increasingly more engaging, exciting and not glitchy like they used to be.

Wonderful to be so connected with the world this way! I've met with people for 30 years this way. 

Very effective, personable, more affordable option for your personal group readings or class also.

Aside from my Keene office, in person by special agreements,

primarily serving New England, especially areas of New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Maine.

Even Connecticut and parts of Albany area of New York... I know, not part of New England, but within 2 hours of me nonetheless. Mostly for events, large groups, classes, etc. by arrangement. Sometimes I will get invited to fly off someplace.  

Give me a call or send me an email. Let me know the general days and times that work best for your life needs. I'll look at my schedule and find the soonest available match. Sometimes it's pretty soon, sometimes it's a little while out.  We'll find a time that works.

I have an hourly rate. I meet with individuals for about an hour or so. Some people like to schedule 1.5 knowing they have a lot going on. Two people will likely need 2 hours. My rates are not on here because I want us to be a good match for your goals first and foremost. I don't advertise.  You'll find me here or by word of mouth. 

If you're looking at a phone session, think of the time before and after for yourself to settle and digest. Shift gears before rushing off to the next thing.

It will help with all we do to find a home where it needs to. 

My rates are not a secret, just not the most important thing. I offer a sliding scale if needed and we decide to schedule.

Easy Peasy

Individuals, couples, non-traditional relationships, friends, small and large groups...we'll talk about what makes best sense, by the hour or by the event. 

Care and Kindness first. That's what our table is for.

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