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Never an Ordinary Day

Birthdays, holidays, special occasions, anniversaries of a commitment or a passing of someone we love, something about them is never an ordinary day. We may try to make it normal, but we know it isn't. There are so many ways to mark time, consider things, do something special, within ourselves and with others. Rituals, new things, foods, places, whatever we feel drawn to.

On my birthday, I often reflect on the people I love, my relationships, my goals, life, joy. It's a time to recommit to my spirit. My birthday just passed and, here where I live I had to get my car inspected. In my instrument cluster there is a picture of my grandparents on their wedding day, and the auto shop guy remembers me from this photo. We had a great conversation about family, hope, connections.

In my other site, BeginPeace, on my blog there is a full post to enjoy. Check it out.



Deb Miller


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