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A Special Invite

Come and join me in my sister space! Here's a little invite and an idea of what is different, what is the same:

First, is this site staying active and services available? Yes, of course, and...

Second, as some of you know, several years ago, I changed my full name, and with it, I completed my doctorate, expanded more of my skills as anyone does in their careers to improve, answer to the needs of their clients, whom I love. I love all of you. I hope you feel this as we have spent our time together.

I continue to offer all the same things just as you have known me to, as your psychic medium, animal communicator, medical intuitive, and spiritual counselor for individuals or groups - right here, or there, and I have found ways to offer some of what I would teach in person and on panels or groups we have shared over the years together, now online, over there. It's been so fantastic. People are really enjoying how relaxed, and still meaningful, warm, rich and true these experiences are for them, how much they are able to grow, heal, learn, and the people they are getting to meet that they would never have encountered... and it's fun and convenient. I know many of you have enjoyed my groups and classes over the years, so I hope you will also consider these new spaces and options.

I also have new, updated offerings that many people are already enjoying. Will you too? Expansions like spiritual coaching and direction, relationship coaching for traditional and non-traditional relationships, grief and loss counseling, ritual and ceremony creation, end of life doula support, and spiritual development courses and products. Everything is completely online, like readings and sessions, packages, pre-recorded classes at your own pace or live. I also have included some of my original art created and by commission available - custom tiaras, paintings, sculptures - you'll see.

cozy kitchen table where good conversations happen - Birdi Sinclair
Let's have a cozy time about the real things that matter. ~ Birdi
I have set the (virtual) table for us. We can have our table moments together and get to the heart of what really matters together.
Have you also noticed that the best and maybe most important conversations seem to happen either at the kitchen table (or in the car)?

I emailed an invitation newsletter to clients I have met with in the past, with those emails that I have. Many of you have always contacted me by phone or I simply do not have your emails any more. It's been a LOT of years. There's a copy of that newsletter linked above and below. Please sign up for Peace Notes linked in the invite and take me up on the discount that I have never offered before! It's my way of saying thank you for your curiosity and willingness to check it all out.

Years ago, I had a newsletter. Maybe you were even on it! I shared a poem, some reflections, an image, ideas. I had about a 68% open rate and sent if for maybe 2-3 years. I thought that if I served a plate of food and people only ate 2/3 of it, I wouldn't keep serving that meal, so I eventually stopped. A few people told me later how much they missed it, and that the open rate I had was incredible, that people strive for 12-20%. I had no idea. I'm not very regular about sending this out, but it was fun then, and I still love the old school nature of corresponding. I like really like a personal way of connecting with you all. It feels nicer than social media somehow. I know we all get a lot of email. I also know I have a few that I really enjoy and look forward to. I hope to be that for you, enjoyable, personal, useful. This is why I call them Peace Notes. It's a peaceful visit with you, nature, time, ideas, and being connected with our intuition, our true selves.

I hope to see you at Begin Peace and in Peace Notes, and even my very tiny, budding social media which I NEVER did as Deb Miller hahaha! Oh my. Of course I am also still here. You can continue to contact me, schedule with me by email here as you always have. You come to me so I can support you best with what you need, so I want you to know all the ways I am able to support you as your needs change.

I am me simply wherever I am. Aren't we all? I love the more accessible way that I can continue to serve and know more people better, more richly. Tech is as much our friend as it is a craziness.

Here is the newsletter I recently sent, inviting you to my changed name, Birdi Sinclair, and the site, the same and other services there, and an option to sign up for Peace Notes, our personal way to be in touch:

Always in love and kindness,


aka Birdi Sinclair of

FB Ytube

Be Bold, Be Curious, Be Yourself, Be Connected, Be Kind. Be...


An extra note about online or phone readings: Wherever you decide to connect with me, I sometimes hear from people a reluctance to meet for sessions or readings online. They have developed a belief that it is only going to be "good" or better in person. This is somehow a myth, or perhaps they have had not great experiences, which says more about the practitioner or the fit between them than the general idea of online services. I have received excellent, average and lousy online services, and I can say the same for in person services. So there must be something else to it. I also understand that some people feel they have no privacy, bad signal. These situations are actually very few and far between. In most of these uncommon instances there is a work around somehow.

I have always provided sessions online, for over 20 years, over 30 for phone readings (what?! that's so long!) as many of you have experienced, and now that is my primary way of delivering care and sessions, here and there. It is always as effective, warm, precise, and special. People who are hesitant are often so surprised. People who have had other experiences online have told me this was so much better, and they forgot we were not physically together, whether for counseling, coaching or readings. Some even say they see orbs or changes around me (which I never notice), all kinds of positive comments about their experience as if we were in the same room. I work with the stuff of air, experience, skills, intuition, really, so it doesn't matter for "the connection" where I am. If you haven't tried it with me specifically, please be open to it.

I would never offer anything I felt was sub-par. I am very conscientious about my services. I actually believe it can even be better to have a reading online or over the phone. Everyone is in their own environments, more relaxed, and there can be less distractions for the reader, less of the "tells" that so many worry about readers trying to get away with. If it isn't working, you will know, nothing's lost. If we are having a coaching or counseling session, it is also very relaxed, personable, connected, focussed. It's very smooth, personal, detailed, easy. It's more about finding the right fit for your needs with your practitioner. If it does or doesn't "work" are you paired with the right person for you? Like a Dr, a hairdresser, a mechanic. Choose carefully, none are the same.

And when we're done, you are in your own space, no waiting room to twiddle your thumbs in if you are with others waiting, or commutes. You are free to go for a walk, have some relaxed time after, a walk, a drive, tea, notes, whatever, to integrate what we've done together. Some people often drive easily an hour or two to get to me. There's no need for that. It doesn't make it more special because you worked harder to get to me. Technology is great. I make it as easy as possible to use it, especially if you are unsure, unfamiliar with it, and it works really well. If you found me, if I feel like the one that makes sense to you, let's meet. Let's remove unnecessary difficulties and have our time together. Lean in. I am ready for you and I am happy we are able to be together in this time for you.

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